About Our Company


Boston & Cambridge Party Bus Tours employees treat every one of our special clients with the utmost respect and courtesy they deserve. Our friendly reservationists are specially trained in helping clients choose a party bus that is just right for their event. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to make recommendations on locations to visit and how to maximize your fun. Our drivers are carefully selected to ensure they are qualified to serve your party needs in every way.


We know that when customers look for a party bus they expect quality service from start to finish. Boston & Cambridge Party Bus Tours strives to meet the high standards of our customers by providing the utmost professionalism at every level of service. First and foremost, we completely handle all aspects of our jobs-we do not delegate our services to third parties. We are aware that it is fair to hand our customers over to companies who do not have the same superior professionalism we inherently offer to our clients.


If knowledge is power then Boston & Cambridge Party Bus Tours is earth bound omniscience. When it comes to party bus tours, our experienced and courteous staff possess years upon years experience in providing transportation including limousines, luxury buses and coach buses. All employees have completed certified formal training in the tour buses in our own tour bus as well as customer service training. Our drivers are held to strict Department of Motor Vehicles standards and all possess the highest degree of state-certified licenses.


We believe that without the trust of its clientele, no company can survive. Boston & Cambridge Party Bus Tours works hard to build lasting relationships and accounts with as many customers as possible. We continually strive to increase our client base and look forward to adding more and more satisfied customers. We invite anyone interested in hiring a tour bus to come to our facility and take a look at our party bus and base of operations. We maintain a complete open line of communication with all of our vendors to better serve our customers with quality service.

Our customers have enjoyed our party bus tours for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, proms, corporate events, concerts, wine tours, club and bar hopping. We have also been the choice tour bus for homecoming events, senior balls, baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey games as well as tours of all kinds. But your entertainment opportunities don’t end there. The occasions and events serviced by Boston & Cambridge Party Bus Tours is only limited to your imagination.